Midwest League All-star events economic impact on local business

NOW: Midwest League All-star events economic impact on local business


SOUTH BEND, Ind.-- The Midwest League All-star events are bring thousands of people to South Bend and that’s good news for downtown businesses.

While they’re in South Bend they also have to eat and sleep and businesses here in Downtown South Bend tell me they’re ready to take care of business.

“We’re literally two blocks from the main gate at Four Winds Field," said L Street Kitchen Owner, Michael LaCarrubba.

Not one, not two—but three days full of fun at the four winds field in downtown South Bend is leaving quite the impression on local businesses like L street kitchen Downtown.

“We find anytime there’s an event that comes in, at least a thirty percent rise in business," said LaCarrubba.

So it’s all hands on deck. 

“We always like to make sure that we’re prepared so we’ll bring extra food in, extra staff, and we’ll be ready for them.”

“It brings fans and people from 115 to 150 miles away and their friends and their families. They’re going to put on a great show and downtown is poised to take advantage of that and really show guests a great time downtown,” said Milt Lee, Executive Director of Downtown South Bend.

Lee says, they’re all going to be staying at local hotels like the Aloft Hotel.

“We are sold out tonight and tomorrow night with the game being in town," said Beck Fletcher, Director of sales and marketing at Aloft.

Fletcher says rooms are at capacity but not just on the weekends anymore.

“It'’s huge for all of us to see some Sunday, Monday, Tuesday liveliness, extra folks walking around downtown," said Fletcher.

A possibility she believes stems from the city’s investments continuing the momentum in South Bend.

“I think it’s a combination of things. A lot of people doing a lot of good work and working really really hard. They do a tremendous job of working with outside organizations and local organizations to make sure we’re ready and equipped to bring in these events," said Fletcher.

“It’s good to see that the city makes these investments to bring these people in," said LaCarruba. 

“we’ve invested in venues, we’ve invested in downtown, we’ve invested in our neighborhoods and it’s really starting to come together to bring more attention to our region," said Lee.

Lee says, the momentum doesn’t end there.

“It absolutely doesn’t end with the cubs. We’ve got so many things going on. You name it, it’s happening in downtown. There’s so many things to do for families. No matter what you want to do you’ll always find something downtown," said Lee.

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