Midwestern governors work to re-open states

NOW: Midwestern governors work to re-open states

ST. JOSEPH COUNTY— 7 Midwestern states have made a partnership to try and reopen the regional economy as soon as possible.

While wanting to continue to protect people and flatten the curve, Indiana, Michigan, Ohio, Wisconsin, Minnesota, Illinois, and Kentucky are all working together.

They want to open things up after a consecutive 14 days of decreasing positive cases and people with symptoms and when hospitals aren’t as overwhelmed.

To make this happen they want to phase in different sectors of the economy when four factors are in the green:

  • when the rate of new hospitalizations and cases are controlled
  • testing and tracing the virus is easier to access
  • healthcare systems are prepped in case of a resurgence
  • and the best practices for social distancing in the work place are employed.

Once these happen local bars, restaurants and other businesses can begin to open up.

The owner of Center Stage Pizza, Doug Michael, says he want’s to see customers be able to dine in yet he doesn’t want to risk anyones health just to open a few weeks early.

“Business has gotten tremendously slower. Tuesday for example, I only had one sale. So I have mixed feelings” says Michael, “I guess it is a positive as long as we don’t get a flare up. Again, I’d hate to shut down the state again for another 3 to 4 weeks again after being open for two weeks.”

All 7 governors believe phasing in sectors versus reopening all at once is the best option.

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