Miles for Myles: Mission to save a life

WARSAW, Ind. -- A local Marine is getting ready to set off on a different kind of mission. He's gathering his military brothers and marching for a good cause to save the life of 2-year-old Myles Bartley.

Myles was born with non-functional kidneys and needs a transplant - fast.

Michael Stinfer is calling the mission "Miles for Myles."

Stinfer and other military members will strap on their equipment and hike from Ft. Wayne back to Warsaw.

They're hoping this will inspire people to donate to Myles' cause.

Stinfer is a Marine and National Guard soldier. He's been to Afghanistan and Iraq so he knows a tough battle when he sees one.

He heard about Myles' story and right away he knew he wanted to help.

When looking at Myles, you'd never know he was sick. He has more energy, if not more, than most 2 year olds.

Unfortunately, he has end stage renal failure. He requires daily dialysis, which he's been on since birth, and expensive medications.

His mom, Sarah Bartley, said the out of pocket expenses are up to thousands of dollars a month.

"It's a daily battle with insurance companies," said Bartley.

She says it's hard to stay composed day after day, but she wants her son to fight.

"I have to stay strong for Myles," said Bartley.

Right now, she's in the process of seeing if her kidney is a match for her son.

"He thinks it's pretty cool when I tell him mommy is getting you a kidney," said Bartley.

If you would like to donate, you can donate online or at any Lake City Bank by mentioning the funds are for Myles Bartley.

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