Milton Township couple plans own subdivision in housing shortage

NOW: Milton Township couple plans own subdivision in housing shortage

MILTON TOWNSHIP, MI -- Housing hunting in this economy can be crazy. Houses are being snatched up too quickly for most people to spend more than a day considering.

But now, one Michiana couple is planning their own neighborhood in the midst of this housing shortage. 

"We love the area, we love the neighborhood, and love the neighbors," says Kevin Daus. "We really thought this was a hidden gem of a community in Kestrel Hills. We wanted a little bit more land."

He and his wife Caity only wanted a couple of more acres to raise their family.

But they got ten times more than what they asked for.

"[The owners] were willing to sell us 34 acres. We didn't need 34 acres, but we did need more space. So we said we'd buy this and keep some for ourselves and develop some for other people."

It may be an empty field now, filled with trees and wildflowers, but in a couple of months, construction could start to make all of it a brand new neighborhood: Hidden Hills Estates. 

"The plan will be 21 single family home sites ranging in size from one acre to just under three acres," explains Daus. 

While they've flipped homes before, this is a little different.

Daus says now is the time to try.

"When we initially started to buy and sell houses, they were a lot easier to get. Meaning we could take our time and we would evaluate the houses," he explains. "Over the last year or so, it seems if we don't make an offer that day, the house is gone."

It's a trend that many across Michiana have been facing.

"I think there's confidence in the economy right now. The RV industry is booming. Granger, Niles, and this area is just a good place," he adds.

They're traveling this road all by themselves, and all out of their own pockets. 

"We anticipate the cost of the project to be $1.4-1.6 million. The bids are coming in now," says Daus. "It's a good time to be a builder and hopefully it's a good time to develop land."

The plan is to hopefully start construction in August 2018. But, they have to wait for township approval first.

A public meeting will be held July 19th, where a proposal will be presented to the planning commission and the township board.

Robert Benjamin, the Milton Township supervisor says he believes this fits with their master plan for the township.  

"I'm glad to see the interest in building new homes in Milton Township," he writes in a statement to ABC57. "We are looking forward to seeing the plans when they are presented in the upcoming meeting."

Daus hopes the meeting goes well, and that they can continue their plans for an area they love.

"It's an awesome place to raise our kids," he says. "If we can do that for 21 more families, then that would be extremely exciting for us." 

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