Mishawaka elementary school practices new evacuation drill

MISHAWAKA, Ind. -- Students at La Salle Elementary School practiced a new safety drill Friday.

Just over a week ago La Salle Elementary came close to being put on lock down when a mobile meth lab exploded across the street.

“If we have to do an evacuation it could be because of a meth lab that just exploded down the street, or a hazardous spill around the area where we would have to evacuate the whole school,” says Officer Tim Williams, Mishawka Police Department.

Friday, all 500 students at the school took a break from their classes to practice an evacuation drill.

"They have never done this since they have been here, so it will be good for the staff and the students to see how this process works,” says Principal Theodore Stevens.

Principal Stevens says that in a real emergency, students would move like they did Friday to nearby Marion High School.

And police say it is important to know exactly what to do if an evacuation is ever necessary.

“This is one that I think schools need to practice from time to time because you are going off site, and moving this many people that far away is something that people have to be able to see,” says Principal Stevens.

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