Mishawaka explores cultural diversity through the Heritage Festival

The city of Mishawaka held its inaugural Heritage Festival over the weekend to celebrate a melting pot of cultures that make up the city.

The city’s Central Park opened July 4 and organizers say it’s already seeing hundreds of happy residents enjoying the city’s latest attraction.

It didn’t take long for residents to fall in love with Mishawaka’s newest park.

“It’s absolutely stunning, it’s great for families and kids,” said resident Stephanie Seese.

Natasha McFarlane agrees.

“They did an awesome job on this park, and we are loving it,” said McFarlane.

Residents at the park Monday say what’s not to love about a park filled with hundreds of neighbors?

“We came down here and then we started walking around,” said resident Joseph McFarlane.

Neighbors were out and about to celebrate a new tradition for the city.

“Brand new park, brand new festival, it all just kind of ties together,” said Anne LaFree, Vice Chair of the Mishawaka Heritage Festival.

It’s a festival lined with flags celebrating this city’s diverse heritage.

“We wanted to represent all heritages but three of the main ones that we’re focusing on are three of the main groups that immigrated to Mishawaka,” said event Chair Anne Fuchs.

The event was a snapshot of the city’s different cultures.

“This is who we are, we’re a part of Mishawaka,” said event organizer Wayne Drescher.

Organizers say after the success of the event they’re looking forward to expanding this festival year after year.

They also say hopefully Monday’s attraction could bring in visitors from all over Michiana to experience all the great things Mishawaka has to offer.

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