MIshawaka man, convicted of triple murder, gets new trial

NOW: MIshawaka man, convicted of triple murder, gets new trial


A Mishawaka man, convicted of killing his wife, her ex-husband and her 10-year-old son, is getting a new trial.

It’s been nearly 19 years since the triple murder sent shockwaves throughout our area.

And now it’s back in the spotlight after the United States Supreme Court refused to hear the case.

The St. County Prosecutor’s Office says Wayne Kubsch will get another chance to clear his name

Diane Mauk tells ABC 57 News she is disturbed after finding out the man convicted of murdering her daughter, grandson, and former son-in law is coming back to St. Joseph County for his third trial.

Mauk says the prosecutor’s office has advised her not to talk on camera but on Monday she let AB 57 into her home.

New today, the United States Supreme Court denied a motion to hear an appeal in the case.

That means a ruling by the Seventh Circuit Court of Appeals, stands.

The Saint Joseph County Prosecutor’s Office explains that ruling will make it possible for the state of Indiana to take steps to grant Kubsch, a new trial.

Another possibility, as the prosecutor’s office explains is that their convicted killer could be released.

Right now, Saint Joseph County officials are in contact with the State Attorney General’s Office to see when that new trial will begin.

The prosecutor’s office says it has no timetable for when that process will get going.

Mauk has attempted to reach out to Wayne during his time in prison and death row but he’s denied all her requests.

She says she just wants to know why he would do this.

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