Mishawaka man in England reacts after London attack

NOW: Mishawaka man in England reacts after London attack


It's a scary time for many in London, and even for those visiting, who live in Michiana. ABC57 News spoke with a Mishawaka man who was in London just this week, and remains in England. 

"At least a dozen. I woke up to messages from people in Michiana, people in my hometown, Facebook text. I had a few calls too," says Sam Tongue. 

Messages of fear and concern, as loved ones reached out to Tongue, who was in London on vacation with his parents. 

"We basically left like two or three days after the Manchester attack and then we were in London, and then we left," he explains. 

They left the city for the southern coast of England just hours before this latest attack. 

Before they turned in for the night, they heard the news. 

"Usually when you see these types of attacks, they don't happen so quickly one after another," says Tongue. "I was very surprised. Especially considering the amount of security there was downtown." 

He says news of anther act of terror is hitting home with Londoners. 

"There are certain landmarks that people that mean more than the attack itself," he explains. "Part of me thinks these people do really sophisticated attacks that have as much fear associated with them a possible."

Tongue says security was everywhere in London.

"Everywhere you went there were armed guards. We would go through metal detectors at most of the touristy places we would go to," he adds. 

The very visible security efforts made Tongue feel secure. 

"There was never a moment when I felt unsafe," he says. 

24 hours after this latest attack, Tongue reflects on what has happened and is determined to continue with normalcy as much as possible. 

"I never went into it worried. Because we can't," he explains. "I think that living in fear of something like this happening is not worth my time really." 

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