Local man tackles addiction with new book

NOW: Local man tackles addiction with new book

MISHAWAKA, Ind. – A Michiana man is the co-author of new book out Wednesday that tackles addiction in the United States.

In 2012, Scott Leeper , a Mishawaka native, pulled his father, an alcoholic, off life support.

“I was stationed in Camp LeJeune but I had to come home and take my dad off life support and watch him take his last breath because of an alcohol addiction,” said Leeper.

Leeper says his dad struggled with alcohol and drug abuse for a long time. His father’s addiction impacted his family in a number of ways

Even after death, his dad’s addiction led to Leeper’s own struggles. Leeper says in the year after his dad’s death he went into a downward spiral that led to him being kicked out of the Marines and cheating on his wife.

Leeper has since recovered, he lives in Mishawaka with his wife and their son, but says during that time he realized how powerful addiction can be. He wanted to help others going through the same thing.

In August, Scott and two other recovering addicts, Michael Arnold and Andrea Carr, began writing “Drowning in Addiction: Sink or Swim.”

“It was a roller coaster but we always kept that mission first and foremost because we knew we wanted to make an impact,” said Leeper. “We knew that if this book reaches one person, this book was worth it.”

The book shares their personal stories of addiction and its effects and discusses the culture of addiction and recovery methods.

“We believe that this book will start planting the seeds where the almost 33 million people that are dealing with some sort of addiction problem will find a resource and will start seeking help, will clean themselves up, and not become another statistic like my dad did,” said Leeper.

Leeper says it’s a resource for addicts, their family and friends, and those who don’t understand addiction.

 “The ultimate mission of this book is for people to start recovering out loud,” said Leeper. “We’re dealing with a stigma right now. We’re dealing with a lack of education where people don’t understanding addiction in general. We want the addict to understand that they don’t have to sink, they can actually swim.”

“Drowning in Addiction: Sink or Swim” can be purchased on Amazon or at local Barnes and Noble stores.

There is a book signing at the Barnes and Noble in Mishawaka on April 12th.  


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