Mishawaka planning commission approves Costco

MISHAWAKA, Ind.-- The Mishawaka City Planning Commission approved the proposal for a Costco on University Parkway, east of the Super Target shopping center. Residents are excited about a new wholesale store in the area.

“We’re just really delighted to have Costco as another, not just another retail store. But just a quality establishment,” said Matthew Lentsh of the Mishawaka Planning Commission.

The commission vote was unanimous.

According to Costco's website, they pride themselves on being a multi-million dollar global retailer.

Their mission statement says they offer thriving job opportunities and competitive wages.

These are things a lot of folks say Michiana needs.

“I know Costco pays their employees a lot better. It’s a lot better wage than Walmart from what I’ve heard. So it’s something I’m looking to check out,” said Mishawka resident Brad Mitchell.

This superstore is also appealing to heavy shoppers, such as moms.

“It would be great to get everything in one stop," said Jackie Stephens.

While a lot of shoppers couldn't find anything negative to say, a couple of questions still remain unanswered.

For instance, how much will this cost? Or, when will construction start?

But despite these questions, the planning commission still says this is a great thing for the city of Mishawaka.

“This will mean millions of dollars in revenue both to retailers and in taxes over the years to the city of Mishawaka,” said Lentsch.

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