Mishawaka police car gets away, ends up on riverwalk

A Mishawaka Police car ended up in a very unusual place Wednesday-smashed into the rail of the Riverwalk.

It wasn’t a typical day at the 7-Eleven on Mishawaka and Main street.

Cashier CJ Freshour said he was on his lunch break when he thought he heard a car engine revving.

“Two police officers that was in the building getting coffee stormed out of the building,” he said.

He said in the minute it took police to pour a cup of coffee someone tried to take the Mishawaka Police cruiser.

“I look over and I see the police officers running towards the bridge,” Freshour explained.

That is the spot where the car landed, across the street, down an embankment, and onto the Mishawaka Riverwalk.

Mishawaka Police said they are not looking for anyone and they have no one in custody. Police said the car just slipped out of gear.

In a statement to ABC57, Assistant Police Chief Dan Gebo said, “We are investigating why the car slipped out of gear and are grateful no one was injured."

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