Mishawaka Police provide free Kid Print IDs at Night Out Against Crime

The Mishawaka Police Department is providing an extra security measure to keep kids safe with the Kid Print ID System.

With the child’s photo, description and thumb print, parents hold on to the identification card while the info if kept in a police database.

 “If there is a child that comes up missing then we have a photo of them with that information on it then we can get that information out there a lot quicker,” says Lt. Tim Williams.

Father of three Matt Mammolenti had cards made for his children, all under the age of seven, at Mishawaka’s Night out Against Crime at Twin Branch Park on Tuesday.

“It only takes you to turn your eyes, and something bad could happen. As a parent, especially with three young children, there’s not enough steps you can take to secure their safety,” said Mammolenti.

Mishawaka parent Joe Canarecci says he deeply appreciates the effort from law enforcement.

“I think something that’s missing in a lot of communities is exactly this. This moment, this community policing,” said Canarecci.

Mayor Dave Wood says it’s those connections that keep Mishawaka safe.

“Having those kinds of connections is vitally important to us. It’s community policing at it’s core and it’s what our guys do best,” said Mayor Wood.

Mishawaka Police will be offering free IDs once more before school starts this fall. When the information about the event becomes available, we will pass that along.

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