Mishawaka priest reaching out to parishioners through technology

NOW: Mishawaka priest reaching out to parishioners through technology


MISHAWAKA, Ind. – A Priest at St. Monica Catholic Church in Mishawaka is doing everything he can to spread joy and provide solace to his congregation.

Father Jacob Meyer wants to bring some normalcy back to his community, and he is communicating with his parishioners through different technological methods, including social media and email.

St. Monica Church has not conducted a public mass since March, but they have opened their doors to parishioners every day from 7-9 a.m. and they have also provided virtual masses.

But the lack of in-person masses has created as sense of insulation from religious activities, so Father Meyer decided to make some changes to help people stay connected to the church.

“Social distancing doesn’t mean isolated and we have to make sure that people feel that,” Father Meyer said. “They feel the closeness of one another and the closeness of God in this time. When they do that they’re able to take on the worlds challenges and be that voice of the gospel, be that voice of you truth and justice and love.”

St. Monica Church is also offering homeschooling activities, gospel reflections and faith-based movie recommendations.

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