Mishawaka’s summer concert series continues at Central Park

NOW: Mishawaka’s summer concert series continues at Central Park


MISHAWAKA, Ind.--- Mishawaka held its latest free summer concert Thursday night. The group Little Summer performed for several dozen families.

“I’ve been going to the concerts for a few years now,” said Ann Shirk. “They’re free and a lot of them have been awesome.”

People in attendance say the concert was a great way to get out  in spite of the pandemic.

“It’s been a hard summer because of the Coronavirus, a lot of things have been shut down,” said Shirk. “A lot of things have changed.”

Nathan Mort attended his first Mishawaka summer concert on Thursday. He says he was pleasantly surprised by the amount of people engaging in social distancing even at a concert.

“It’s great. You keep your distance, people are,” said Mort. “There are no worries here. It’s great.”

Mort says Thursday’s concert showed him a side of Mishawaka that he didn’t know existed.

“This is just the best thing ever,” said Mort. “Stuff like that you’d see in the movies and say ‘Hey, I’d do that,’ and here it is and it’s amazing, it really is.”

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