Mishawaka Schools board member announces resignation

MISHAWAKA, Ind. -- Amanda Roberts, the Mishawaka Board of School Trustees Vice-President, announced her resignation, effective June 15.

Roberts will be following a new career path that requires a relocation to Indianapolis, but says that she will continue to support the School City of Mishawaka.

“School City has and continues to mean so much to me, and I am hopeful and excited for the future of this school system. We, as a community, continue to grow, build and support one another. While I am resigning to pursue an incredible opportunity, my family is still here, genetic or not. I will always have maroon and white ingrained in my soul,” said Roberts.

Her first term began in January of 2018, and she was expected to remain in office until December 31, 2025.

School Board President, Holly Parks, commented on the dedication that Roberts displayed during her time on the board.

“On behalf of the school board and Superintendent Wayne Barker, we thank Amanda for the tireless work and dedication she has demonstrated to our students, families, staff and the community. We are sorry to be losing Amanda, however, are thankful for the value and leadership she brought to the school board these past four-and-a-half years,” said Parks.

The Mishawaka Common Council’s next agenda item is to find a replacement for Roberts’ position, and the council will reportedly announce the search process and timeline for filling the vacancy at the next Common Council meeting on June 6.

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