Mishawaka woman finds hidden camera in bedroom

MISHAWAKA, Ind. – A Mishawaka woman found a hidden camera on the ceiling of her bedroom, and she wants to know who put it there.

The hidden camera was disguised as a smoke detector. It was installed directly above her bed.

The woman told ABC 57’s Investigative Reporter, Clifton French, she was paranoid because of some recent incidents with her ex.

She was looking around her home and found the hidden camera.

“I’m scared. I’m paranoid now. I couldn’t sleep at all because it seems to me that someone is always watching me.” The woman said.

The police took the camera as evidence. She kept the SD card after watching the video and not seeing anything that could identify who installed it.

“It’s obviously a violation of my privacy.” The woman told ABC 57.

Four weeks before she found the camera, she says she discovered a GPS tracking device in her car. 

She wants to share this story to answer her unsolved questions and to warn women to be more vigilant and investigate if something does not seem right.

Hidden cameras disguised as smoke detectors, clocks and other household items are becoming easier and cheaper to get. 

The Mishawaka victim owns her home. The person who installed the camera would have had to broken into the home or was given access at some point.

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