Mishawaka's food problem: too many options, not enough employees

NOW: Mishawaka’s food problem: too many options, not enough employees

MISHAWAKA, Ind. -- There's no shortage of fast and casual food options in Mishawaka. But ABC57 News is digging into a different type of shortage. 

"There's a lot of competition in this area," says Adla Latif, the co-owner of Windy City Gyros. 

That may be an understatement.

Driving down Main Street, in between Douglas and Day Roads, there are more than 20 different places to eat.

"So many, and do you know how many more new ones are coming?" asks Latif. "A lot."

These restaurants also have something in common: "now hiring" signs plastered in windows and doorways.

It's a half a mile long food haven.

A plethora of choices, that are mostly running on skeleton staffs, says Latif.

"Many businesses, in a short period of time, are coming to this area," she explains. "Thsi is one of the reasons for not being able to find good help."

Their place has only been open for about eight months, and they're still not fully staffed.

"We're short right now, we need help," she adds.

But that help that stays for more than a couple of weeks, is hard to come by.

"We were talking to a few business owners that we know and they were saying the same thing," says Latif. "People don't have the commitment to work. They show up late...they're not showing up...they're calling off often."

Other restaurant managers ABC57 spoke with, off-camera, have the same complaints.

One manager, even saying some people don't bother coming to interviews, or the first day of work.

Latif says it's frustrating.

Too many choices for food, and too few choices of employees. 

It's a vicious circle that Latif says, seems like it just won't end. 

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