Miss Indiana's Outstanding Teen raises thousands for children's hospitals

NOW: Miss Indiana’s Outstanding Teen raises thousands for children’s hospitals

MISHAWAKA, Ind. --- This week is Children’s Hospital Week around the nation for the Children’s Miracle Network and some of the biggest fundraisers are the Miss America Organizations.

In the midst of a global pandemic, children’s illnesses do not stop and this week is all about raising money for the children to make sure they have the care that they need.

The Children’s Miracle Network raises money for children 18 and under at hospitals across the country and it is the platform for both Miss America and Miss America’s Outstanding Teen.

“To give them the life-changing support that they need,” Hadley Abram said, Miss Indiana’s Outstanding Teen.

In total, Miss America candidates have raised more than $19 million since 2017.

When Hadley won her state title, it gave her even bigger reach in the community and she raised thousands in just a matter of months.

“I raised $17,020,” Abram said. “Just to know how much money we all raise across the whole United States is truly incredible.”

During the pandemic, adults and children alike are impacted in a number of ways.

“I’ve just seen how many people are being affected by this…by the minute, by the hour," Abram said. “I’m just glad to have those funds and to be able to have raised that for them so that they can pull from that.”

The goal of Children’s Hospital Week is usually to raise as much money as possible across the country, but with the global pandemic, many are in financially uncertain positions now.

“It still always is great to raise money, but just to spread the word as well because these children, it’s not like their diseases and their treatments can stop because of the pandemic,” Abram said.

The goal now is to get the word out there as much as possible, according to Abram. During quarantine, she is able to use the big social platform she has built as a state titleholder and not to suggest that people donate right now if they are struggling financially.

“But please donate as soon as you can and also just know that these kids are in need and it’s a cause that needs your money,” Abram said.

It is a wonderful experience to see how much these funds help the children, according to Hadley.

“To see the little kids in the wagon with their family and just to have their parents run up and hug you and just be so appreciative of what you’re doing...it truly changes and puts into perspective what this money is going towards,” Abram said.

Hadley is raising money directly for Riley Hospital in Indianapolis now. Children’s Hospital Week runs through Sunday.

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