Missing Elkhart teen's older sister uses social media to help find her

NOW: Missing Elkhart teen’s older sister uses social media to help find her

ELKHART, Ind. ---The Elkhart County Sheriff’s office is investigating the disappearance of a 15-year-old girl. Sydney Gunter was last seen in her home on Monday June 7th when her mother noticed she was missing prompting a statewide Silver alert.

“This is my sister her name is Sydney she’s been missing since June 7th. Please help me find my sister," said Lauren Browning, Sydney's sister.

A week ago, Gunter was sleeping in bed with her mother inside their home at Sturdy Oaks in Elkhart.

Browning said a stove alarm went off around 2:30 am. That’s when her mother noticed the front door wide open and no sign of her daughter anywhere.

The 15-year old hasn’t been seen since.

“My mother has a German Shepard that will run. Sydney loves animals and she knows her dog and that dog would of ran out the door and she never would have left the door open," said Browning. 

Jennings believes Sydney may be with a 25-year-old Sydney’s mother had already been in the process of filing a restraining order against.

Police haven’t confirmed any suspects.

“I just want my sister home I’m worried about Sydney and this man who is believed to be with her could be with her or not I just want Sydney home," said Browning.

Sydney was last scene wearing yellow one-piece button-up pajamas and is believed to be in a white 2017 Ford Mustang.

If you know anything about her disappearance you should contact the Elkhart County Sheriff’s office.

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