Model Elementary School launches #whyyoumatter campaign for students and staff

GOSHEN, Ind.-- Model Elementary school launched the #whyyoumatter campaign in response to low morale among students and staff during the global pandemic.

The campaign started in 2017 at Chelsea High School in Chelsea, Michigan to combat teen suicide.

In December of 2020, Model Principal Tami Hicks noticed a reduction in staff and student morale as they juggled teaching with trying to reduce the spread of the coronavirus by social distancing and online classes.

Principal Hicks discovered the #whyyoumatter campaign while reading the December issue of Educational Leadership.

Principal Hicks formed a committee and on the week of January 19 kicked off the campaign with a video.

In the video, students and staff along with parents and former teachers reflected on why they matter to the world and why their friends and family matter to them.

All students and staff had their picture taken which will then be put on display in a gallery walk on January 30.

Parents and families of students will be able to see the photos in person on the week of February 8.

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