Mom most likely won't face charges in eight kid library drop-off

South Bend, IN - A buzz was created Monday in Michiana after a mother dropped off her eight kids at the St. Joseph County Public Library downtown South Bend.

She didn't return for the kids for nearly two hours, while police officers searched for her and the father of the kids.

The children were ages 2, 3, 4, 7, 7, 8, 9 & 10.

They were left at the library around 2 p.m. Monday.

A family friend of the mother said that she saw nothing wrong with leaving the kids because they had a 10-year-old sibling that was in charge and with them.

While no laws were broken Monday a rule at the library was, the kids were too young to be left alone there. According to the director of the library all kids 10 and under have to have someone older than then with them at all times.

Security at the library was alerted to the kids being left unattended after they started getting rowdy.

This story created quite reaction on our ABC 57 Facebook page and here on our web channel Viewers left harsh comments for the mom, police, the reporter and CPS; many asked for an update on what happened with the mom.

As of Thursday evening police still haven't released the mother's name. Officers told ABC 57 News that charges of neglect or abandonment are unlikely.

To the best of our knowledge the kids were allowed to go home with mom Monday night-CPS is not able to comment on the investigation.

Bonnie Strycker with Youth Service Bureau in South Bend said be careful before judging, "Perhaps a poor decision, motivated by something that we really don't know that she needed to do." 

The mother never admitted to where she was or what she was doing during the two hours the kids were left alone.

"It would appear a 10-year-old watching that many siblings would be quite the task," Strycker admitted.

Carol Breveard was with her grand kids and saw everything Monday, "She ought to be ashamed of herself," Breveard said, "I mean there is no reason for a mom to do that." 

Strycker has worked at YSB since 1974 and is an expert on child neglect and abandonment issues.

"To these people who feel outraged, I'm not trying to be dismissive in any way, shape or form but I'd recommend that if their heart is with the children they become a court appointed advocate."

The library in Benton Harbor also reported similar issues with parents leaving kids to be watched during the day.

"The library is not a babysitter, no, they are there for a lot of great reasons by not babysitter," Strycker said.


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