Moment of silence for 11-year-old student shot and killed

NOW: Moment of silence for 11-year-old student shot and killed

SOUTH BEND, Ind. --- A moment of silence was held at the South Bend School Board meeting Thursday to honor 11-year-oldT’yon Horstonwho was tragically shot and killed on April 20th. 

His death has affected neighbors, teachers, and students. He was a sixth grader at Jefferson Middle School. 

“We tried to explain to students at Jefferson and Jackson why 11-year-old T’yon Horston, who was shot and killed not too many blocks from here, wouldn’t be coming home,” explains Dr. Todd Cummings, Superintendent of the South Bend Community School Corporation. 

 Dr. Cummings went into detail about having to console students of Jefferson and Jackson middle schools after T’yons death, and how hard it was.  

He says it's something no one should have to go through but especially an 11-year-old. 

Right now, the school is focusing on the mental health of students. Some members of the public spoke up at the meeting to say they appreciate the work that has been done to help reduce trauma as their kids continue to struggle with the loss of a peer. 

 However, they say it starts with what can be done to keep kids safe, like making sure they're in schools or providing more after care services to keep kids busy. 

“We have got to put our weaponry down,” urges Dr. Cummings. “We have got, in South Bend, to find another way to deal with our conflicts then shooting and killing our children.”  

T’yons death remains unsolved at this time, and as of Monday South Bend police are still investigating.  

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