More details on Elkhart double-shooting and neighbors' reactions

NOW: More details on Elkhart double-shooting and neighbors’ reactions

ELKHART, Ind. --- Elkhart police are investigating a double shooting that sent a man and woman to the hospital this afternoon. It happened on Hiawatha Dr. just before 1 o’clock.

Officials say the 9-1-1 caller saw the two victims on their front porch suffering from gunshot wounds; both are expected to survive.

Police haven’t given any details on a possible suspect, but investigators believe it was an isolated incident. Neighbors i spoke with say shootings like this are not normal for their quiet neighborhood.

“It’s getting closer and closer to home every day,” said a neighbor close to the scene.

It's too close to home for those living in this neighborhood tucked into Elkhart's south side, the scene of a double shooting Thursday.  

“There’s kids that play through here, you know anybody could have been out here,” the neighbor says.

This nearby neighbor says just the night before there had been some suspicious activity on the street, allegedly involving the two individuals who were shot. 

It’s unclear if that was related to the shooting, but she says she didn't act on a gut feeling to call 9-1-1. Now she wonders if it would have made a difference. 

“Just keep your eye out,” the neighbor urges. “If you see anything suspicious, don’t feel like the bad guy for calling because somebody could have seen something and called and maybe stopped this.” 

Elkhart police have not yet released the identities of the two victims.

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