Mother speaks after her daughters killer is sentenced

NOW: Mother speaks after her daughters killer is sentenced

ST. JOSEPH COUNTY, Ind.-- A South Bend family is feeling a sense of justice after the man who stabbed a young mother to death in her home back in march was sentenced.

Marshun Lloyd was sentenced to 65 years and will spend at least 55 of them behind bars before he's let out on probation for the fatal stabbing of his ex-girlfriend, Ashley Starr.

“I'm glad its just all over with. I’m just tired," said Starr's mother, Christine Dotson.

She's tired after an almost year long battle to get her daughters killer permanently behind bars.

“I’m just so glad it’s over with and me and the boys can go on," said Dotson

During Wednesdays sentencing, the state provided crucial details leading up to the murder, like the haunting texts Lloyd sent Starr, saying:

“I can’t have you, no one will. That’s on everything. I’m done texting. I’ll just show you.”

"You know how much I love you. But if i can’t have you, nobody will.”

These are just a few of the messages sent while there was an active no contact order and a protective order against Lloyd.

“He wasn’t willing to take no for an answer. It was an affront to his pride. Something about him inside that he wouldn’t let her go. Like it stated multiple times, ‘if I cant have you no one can," said deputy prosecutor, Christopher Fronk.

Before is fate was read aloud Lloyd turned towards Starr’s family, as well as his own, and asked for forgiveness, stating part:

“I’m sorry, I didn’t mean it. I wish i could take it back but I can’t.”

“God said forgive and forget. But right now, I just don’t have it in me to forgive him because she did her best to stay away from him," said Dotson.

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