Mother with terminal cancer making daughter's dream come true

By Jessica Schliska & Andrew Keller

MIDLAND, MI (WNEM) -- Fighting a deadly form of cancer and given only months to live, a Michigan woman is doing all she can to make sure her daughter's dream doesn't die with her.

Owning and caring for a horse is a dream come true for Victoria McKinney. The 12-year-old treats horse Tauralee like her little sister and her favorite part of each day is taking her out of the stall at Meadow Ridge Farm and saddling her up for an afternoon ride.

"I do get excited," Victoria said. "When we seen her, it was mainly her eyes that struck us, and she had everything that she needed, so she was perfect."

That love and passion is exactly why her mom got her the horse.

Holly McKinney said watching her daughter with her horse is where she finds solace, even more so after learning cancer is cutting her life short.

"I want her to remember not the sick part of me, I want her to remember happiness and nice times," McKinney said.

In November, the mother was diagnosed with lung cancer. It spread to her brain and doctors are giving her less than three months to live.

In that time, she wants to make sure her daughter will go on living happily.

"She's my everything, my best friend, my only daughter, she's my world, and I do everything for her and her horse, because that's what I live for, I live to please her, and I just want the best for her," McKinney said.

McKinney said she fears once she's gone, Victoria will lose her horse because she won't have the money to take care of it.

"I do not want, that's a major goal, not to let her lose her horse and her mom," she said.

She hopes financial help will give her peace knowing that will not happen.

A large rummage sale will be held in honor of Holly McKinney on July 29-30. Its located at 202 W. Meadowbrook Drive in Midland. The benefit will go from 8 a.m. to dark.

To visit their Go-Fund-Me page, click here.

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