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Mottville neighbors feared for their safety as fire unfolded at the Green Stream company

NOW: Mottville neighbors feared for their safety as fire unfolded at the Green Stream company

ABC57 is continuing our coverage on a mulch fire that’s been filling the air with smoke in St. Joe County Michigan for more than 24 hours.

The fire started burning at a recycling plant in Mottville Township Monday afternoon. Still, all these hours later, what caused the fire is still unclear.

Jessica Bunnell lives in the center of this community on Cedar Court. She not only feared for her life, but also her property

Her aunt lives in a home across the street from the Green Stream’s fence.

And now, Bunnell is explaining exactly what she saw when that fire started burning.

“The flames when it first started it was over the fence line it was jumping up so high the smoke was just think and black and there was also yellow,” says Bunnell.

Bunnell has lived in this community on all her life and this was the first time she was majorly worried about her & her family’s safety.

Bunnell tells ABC57 all the residents here are frustrated because they have to deal with smelly smoke for at least another week, according to officials.

Right now all her windows are closed and she has to find a way to say cool. Bunnell wasn’t only concerned for her aunt’s home; she adds health is a priority.

Many people in her family have asthma and this continuous smoke isn’t helping.

“With the smoke it’s just awful to be breathing in. I’ve had to use my inhaler four different times already just throughout the day because of what’s been going on lately,” she says.

The Mottville Township supervisor tells ABC57 they plan discussing details at the next township meeting which is scheduled for July 13th at 6:30 p.m.

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