Movimiento Cosecha provides aid to undocumented immigrants

NOW: Movimiento Cosecha provides aid to undocumented immigrants

ELKHART COUNTY, Ind.-- Across the country, undocumented immigrants have been particularly affected by the Coronavirus pandemic.

As millions are left without a job or income, undocumented families have been excluded from all government aid including stimulus checks.

Movimiento Cosecha including Cosecha Indiana are helping to provide some much needed relief. 

“The undocumented community not being able to access things like that stimulus check or unemployment or any of that aid even though we’re all tax paying residents," said Cosecha Indiana advocate, Dara Marquez.

For this very reason, Cosecha Indiana is giving undocumented families across the state a share of $100,000 dollars to help families buy food or pay rent.

About 50 families in Indiana have received between $100 to $300 dollars to help with food or rent.

Any undocumented worker or family excluded from government aid is eligible to apply to the  Undocumented Worker Fund.

Families apply online, then participate in a phone interview.

Only minimal necessary information is requested to confirm identity and need to help ease an insecurity about shared information.

“Failure of this state has caused us to respond but also empowers us to recognize that in reality that we don’t really depend much on them. Even though they’re policy makers they’re not really doing much for us. So the way that we have responded, and if we can continue to uplift that way, that unity, we can continue to go much farther," said Marquez.

There is also a national fund of $1,000,000 dollars Indiana families can also apply for separately.

Right now, the application process is closed but will reopen this week.

Click here to apply or donate.

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