Mr. Benton Harbor harassed at Krasl Art Fair

NOW: Mr. Benton Harbor harassed at Krasl Art Fair

ST. JOSEPH, Mich. -- The peaceful atmosphere of the Krasl Art Fair in St. Joseph turned hostile when a local photographer was harassed by a photographer from Florida.

Nicholas Gunn, a St. Joseph Township firefighter and 2022 Mr. Benton Harbor, was taking photos of the art fair as part of his job as reporter for the Benton Spirit when Chris Gug, an underwater photographer from Florida with a tent at the event, questioned what he was doing.

According to Gunn, Gug asked if Gunn had permission to take photos and to find a fair representative to confirm that he could.

When Gunn confirmed that he could, Gug and others became hostile and allegedly started using racial slurs against Gunn, prompting the Benton Harbor teen to start recording the altercation on his phone.

Gug called police, who arrived and told him that Gunn was only doing his job.

The Krasl Art Center released a statement condemning Gug’s actions and confirmed that he would not be permitted to return to the event.

Gug Underwater has not responded to the incident, and St. Joseph Public Safety Director Steve Neubecker was unable to comment, but said that he and his officers are re-interviewing eyewitnesses to the confrontation.

It’s currently unclear if Gunn or the Krasl Art Center will be pressing charges.

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