MSP looking to livestream dash cam video

NOW: MSP looking to livestream dash cam video

NILES, Mich – The Michigan State Police are looking to livestream dash cam videos.

The $2 million proposal appears in the future budget that if passed would see dash cam video livestreamed to a cloud system operated by MSP.

The video of critical situations would be accessible in real-time by MSP supervisors.

“I think for the public and the supervisors it’s a great idea,” Niles resident Christine Johnson said.

Michigan State Police say this program if passed would allow the Police to spend more time patrolling instead of other technology related tasks.

“Right now with this system we’re having to take these cars and these troopers off the road for a half hour if the systems running great to an hour and a half what this will allow us to do is get the same thing and get foia out there faster and keep our troopers on the road,” Michigan State Police First Lieutenant Michael Shaw said.

If the plan is finalized all 30 state police posts would have their systems and cars upgraded.

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