MSP: New conceal carry license process should be safe

Changes to the concealed handgun licensing process have taken effect. Michigan State Police say the only thing changing is how applications are processed. Not the criteria for getting one. 

Before Tuesday applicants had to go before a county gun board after a clerk's office stop. The board was made up of state police, a local sheriff and a representative of the prosecutors office.

Once approved, the application went back to the clerk's office for approval.

Now applications go straight to the state Capitol where a special MSP division will review and approve CPL applications.

The process may be easier. But the same criminal background checks apply.

"Same provisions are that if you've been convicted of a felony you're still not going to be able to get a CPL unless you had your previous crimes ex-sponged," said Lt. Michael Dawson with the Michigan State Police. 

Also kicking in is a slightly higher price. The fee is now $5 more than before.

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