MTI sends off largest welding machine

Manufacturing Technology, Inc. shipped out its first completely MTI manufactured linear welding machine Friday.

The company held a send off ceremony at 9 a.m. to send off the two-story tall, jet engine machine.

This is a big accomplishment for MTI, according to Chief Operating Officer Doug Wait.

"We're shipping our first linear friction welder that is completely MTI designed. This has been a project that actually started back in 2006. We shipped a machine but it wasn't all our technology," Wait said.

The company headquarters is in South Bend and they focus mostly on friction and resistance welding.

"We do engineered products and we're focused on friction welding, and if you walk in our shop you'll notice a number of large machines. This is one 'super load' that is going out. We've got another one going out in August and another one probably going out in January. We supply the world with friction welding machines," he added.

They have about 600 different welding machines that are in operation today and they are the only company in the world that offers all types of friction welding capabilities.

"It's a new step for us. It's a whole new business line, it's a product line for us. It puts us in a leadership position for technology in linear friction welding. This machine is going to Pratt and Whitney to build jet engine parts," he said.

Presently, MTI has machines in 66 different countries.

The main frame base "super load" will travel from South Bend to the East Coast by the way of a 19-axle flatbed transporter which is approximately 14 feet wide and 200 feet long. This is one of the largest ground-shipping vehicles that has ever been used in the area.
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