Muhammad Ali's Berrien Springs home for sale

NOW: Muhammad Ali’s Berrien Springs home for sale

BERRIEN SPRINGS, Mich. -- Muhammad Ali’s Berrien Springs property is up for sale.

The 85-acre property is behind gates and has a one-mile stretch of direct access to the Saint Joseph River.

The home is on the market for $2,895,037.

Why the extra $37 dollars you may ask?

Listing broker Tim Mitchell says it is because “37 is the number of knockouts that Muhammad Ali had.”

Ali bought the property for around $400,000 in 1975 and put an estimated $3 million of work into it.

Mitchell thinks the property will take about 6 months to be sold and there are some intriguing facts about the property.

Like the fact Al Capone used to stay at a house on the land and had a secret room underneath what is now a 12 feet deep pool.

Mitchell says during the pool’s construction “they had to dig 4 [feet] deeper on this end, and they believe that’s from the Capone, Louis Capani days. They had a secret room.”

Ali first saw the property in 1975 when he was here for a visit.

According to Mitchell, Ali fell in love with the place.

“I think maybe Capone living here or staying here a couple of times may have attracted him,” said Mitchell.

Everything that is already in the house, except for the memorabilia, will be included in the sale.

Ali’s memorabilia will be donated to museums.

Ali has a ring inside his home gymnasium, it’s one of his many rings; but he didn’t actually use this one. That ring was for his kids and their friends.

The memorabilia does not include the ring, but it does include the ring’s mat.

Drawings on the mat were painted by Ali himself, while others were painted by his daughters.

“The mat to the ring is not included in the sale because that’s been promised to a Miami Boxing Club,” said Mitchell.

Ali lived full-time at his Berrien Springs property from 1999 until 2005.

Then he lived on and off at his other properties in Louisville, Kentucky, and in Arizona, before he passed away 2 years ago.

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