Multiple businesses set to open in downtown Niles over the next few months

NOW: Multiple businesses set to open in downtown Niles over the next few months

NILES, Mich. – Some say there’s a boom in business happening in Niles as a number of new businesses prepare to open their doors within the next few months.

Local economy experts say this trend is a good sign for the future.

“Coming soon!” signs and construction permits peek through building windows in downtown Niles. They’re indicators the area may be heading in the right direction.

By the end of summer, at least four small businesses, ranging from a distillery to a 24-hour gym, plan to set up shop.

“There’s so much new life and new energy,” said Iron Shoe Distillery owner Laura Tuthill.

Two years ago, Laura and her husband, Howard, sold their award-winning distillery in Denver, Colorado.

Almost immediately, the couple concocted a recipe to open another distillery, but this time, they wanted it to be in Niles.

“There’s a lot of interest in Niles and new businesses looking to move in here, so hopefully we can kind of keep that momentum going,” said Laura Tuthill.

Iron Shoe opens next Wednesday.

“[It’s] Good food, good cocktails, social environment,” said Laura Tuthill.

Steps away at the Grand LV building, pastry chef Desyree Alberganti wants to do the same with her new Italian-inspired café and bakery.

“We love to go and have a cup of coffee, we love to go have some pastries and unfortunately I couldn’t find anything that fit,” said Alberganti. “This is a great chance to start to show what we can bring, what we can do”

 Jeff Rea with the Greater Niles Chamber of Commerce, says the central location, its tax and regulatory environment, and a nationwide renewed interest in redeveloping downtown areas could explain this boom.

“Success breeds success,” said Rea. “As some folks have come in and made some investments it made others follow. We want something different than that highway that carries a lot of traffic.”

For these business owners, investment creates impact.

 “It’s just going to bring more people to the downtown area that might not have, wouldn’t have otherwise come down here,” said Howard Tuthill. “There’s the new businesses that are coming to town and hope to do well themselves but everyone, one person’s success is the next person’s success.”

“We are going to work for the community and I wanted to bring them the best and I wanted them to feel like ok we have these new places here that are … opening jobs for everybody, it’s going to be a busy community,” said Alberganti.

“If we can all rally together and support one antoher I think that would be really neat to see,” said Laura Tuthill.

Iron Shoe Distillery is set to open on April 10. There will be a grand opening on April 12.

Gabrizio is expected to open in mid-May.

Trap House 24, a 24-hour gym, is scheduled to open sometime this summer.

Oh My! LLC, a special occasion and formalwear attire shop, is set to open April 15.

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