Mystery delivery includes 14 cases of soup

(CNN) - A mystery delivery in a Nashville, Tennessee neighborhood has residents "soup"-er confused.

The puzzling package showed up Monday night on Jessi Braswell's front porch.

“I was very confused, it was a head scratcher for sure,” said Braswell.”It was on the porch but I moved it in because we didn't want it to freeze.”

Someone delivered 14 cases of Cream of Celery soup to her home.

“If it was a delivery misstep they probably should've second-guessed delivering this much Cream of Celery soup to someone's house,” said Braswell.

It was stacked neatly on her porch.

“There's 336 cans, that's 14 cases of 24 cans and it's Campbell's Cream of Celery Soup,” said Braswell.

Braswell has no idea where it came from or how it got onto her porch. Because of the cold weather, she decided to take the soup inside.

“The only thing more annoying than 336 mysterious cans of Cream of Celery soup would be frozen exploded Cream of Celery soup on my porch,” said Braswell.

Managers at nearby Walmart and Kroger stores said they aren't missing any deliveries of soup.

“Somebody did the math and this is enough to fill a bathtub so maybe if you need a nice soak,” said Braswell.

Braswell isn't a Campbell's girl. In her pantry she has some Progresso and Healthy Choice soup – but no Campbell's.

“This house used to be a women's transitional house which is why there's pink walls but maybe somebody dropped it off as a donation,” said Braswell.

That's a possible explanation for the mystery.

“If this is your soup, please come get it!” said Braswell.

If no one comes forward, she plans to donate the soup.

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