Nappanee mayor removes COVID-19 violation fine ordinance from meeting agenda

NAPPANEE, Ind.—Nappanee Mayor Phil Jenkins on Monday announced that he has pulled the ordinance establishing incremental civil fines for violations of COVID-19 mitigation directives from the Common Council meeting agenda.

Jenkins released a statement regarding the move, saying that he wants to allow more time for review of Ordinance 1583.

The ordinance was originally slated to be discussed at the December 7 Common Council meeting.

Read Jenkins' full statement below:

“I have made the decision to pull Ordinance 1583 – an Ordinance establishing incremental civil fines for violations of the COVID-19 mitigation directives, from the December 7, 2020 Common Council Agenda. The purpose for pulling it from this meeting is to allow more time for review and to give an opportunity to work with the Nappanee business community on a plan that properly balances our responsibility to public health and our role as government.

We can all agree that COVID has driven a wedge between all of us. This is no time to assign blame, tear each other down, or continue the division. We need understanding and compassion in order to work through this present healthcare crisis. That means laying aside some of our rights for the greater good of the community. That means humbly admitting that we don’t have all the answers.

Nappanee has overcome challenges before, and I am convinced that we can do it again in this situation. I hope that through all of this, that we can remain civil and work collectively on a path forward for our community.”

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