2022 NBA Finals betting options

NOW: 2022 NBA Finals betting options

SOUTH BEND, Ind -- With sports betting legal throughout Michiana, the 2022 NBA finals has many options for bettors to make a profit.

There are many types of bets that can be made but the most popular are the player props.

“They’re basically tied to the way a player performs. So, they’re usually kind of like an over and under assist. Over an under points,” said FanDuel Director of Communication Kevin Hennessy.

For example, if you bet on Warriors guard Steph Curry, you can place your money on him to score over his current total points of 27.5.

In this case, at -110 odds $20 dollars will win you $18.

Or Jayson Tatum to score over 28.5 points at plus +110 odds, $20 will earn you an additional $20.

But there are more ways for you to make a profit in this game.

“The most popular one throughout the NBA playoffs has been the first basket scorer,” said Hennessy.

You can choose any player available to score the first basket and if you want to increase your odds, you can even choose the method of how they score the first basket of the game.

“The number one selection right now, tonight, by bet count, is Kevon Looney and they call it other. And they call it other, so that means it’s a different shot than a dunk or layup,” said Hennessy.

So, if you were to put your money on Looney to score the first basket with the method of “other”, at +11000 odds that same $20 can win you $2,200.

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