ND football players take some local kids shopping

The Kelly Cares Foundation's annual Christmas shopping spree with Notre Dame football happened Sunday.

The Meijer on Grape Road in Mishawaka teamed up with Kelly Cares and the football team to help around 100 kids shop for Christmas gifts.

Each child was paired up with an Irish football player for the day to do their shopping.

Head coach Brian Kelly said the most popular area of the store was the video game section.

Brian Kelly's wife, Paqui Kelly says there's no better way to celebrate the holiday than through giving back.

"The players get to be seen in a different light, so to speak, and they are regular people like we are too and they enjoy that. There is something really empowering about the gift of giving," said Paqui Kelly.

"They are getting stuff for their siblings, their moms and dads, and that's really neat to see that these kids are not just about themselves," said Brian Kelly.

Each child was given a gift card worth $100 to spend.

After the kids and players wrapped up all of their holiday shopping, they headed over to Papa Vino's for dinner.

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