Near northwest community comes together for neighborhood mural

NOW: Near northwest community comes together for neighborhood mural

SOUTH BEND, Ind. --- Neighbors in the Near Northwest Neighborhood are ready to show the public the mural they've been working on for the past several months. 

The mural is 12 feet tall and 27 feet wide, all of it created by people in the community. 

"We've been out here every weekend on Saturday and Sunday," said Nalani Stolz, one of the three artists in charge of the mural.

The project began this summer and has had more than 100 people a part of either the planning of the mural or the actual painting process.

"Kids have been involved, local people who are amateurs and professional artists like them," said Mike Griffin, a Near Northwest neighbor.

Griffin said the mural had been a vision of the community. 

"Once these great artists got involved, we knew it was starting to move but we didn't know it was moving this fast," he said.

On Sunday afternoon, the group was putting final touches on the mural, getting ready to unveil the piece on October 29. For more information on that event click here.

The mural features two maps, one of South Bend and the other of the northwest area of the city.

"It shows this deep interconnection of South Bend," Griffin said. "And this upcoming neighborhood, the near northwest."

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