Nearly 100 people shot in South Bend this year

NOW: Nearly 100 people shot in South Bend this year


SOUTH BEND, Ind. -- The number of victims impacted by shootings in South Bend in 2019 is nearing 100. 

South Bend police say after Sunday’s shooting on the city’s northwest side, shootings have killed or injured 97 people. 

Data from the South Bend Police Department’s Transparency Hub indicates that’s the highest number of victims through October since at least 2016. 

According to the portal, 2017 marks the highest number of shooting victims in a yearly period since 2016 with 102 victims, however, with two months to go this year, it’s a possibility 2019 could become the most violent year in recent history. 

“All of a sudden I heard the gunshots and I thought, ‘Oh no!’” said South Bend resident Dana Abbey. 

Abbey says she heard pops of gunfire Sunday morning as she tried to fall asleep in her home near Humboldt and Huey Streets. 

That incident left three people with non-life threatening injuries. No information on a suspect(s) has been released. 

“I just really wish we could pull together as a community,” said Abbey. 

David Ingram, who lives nearby, agrees. 

“These people running around playing with guns, they don’t understand the heartache that they’re causing the families and everybody around,” said Ingram. “It’s more than just taking a life. You’re taking more than one life when you pull that trigger.” 

In a statement addressing the violent year, South Bend police spokesman Ken Garcia said, “Violence of any kind is senseless and unacceptable. It will take a community effort, residents and police, to end violence in our neighborhoods. It is important the community comes forward with information to help investigate and help prevent violence.”

ABC57 did reach out to Mayor Buttigieg’s office and the South Bend Common Council for a comment as well but have not heard back at this time. 

SBPD asks anyone with information on any shootings in the city to call SBPD at (574)235-9201 or Crime Stoppers at (574)288-STOP. 

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