Neighborhood recovering after powerful weekend storm

NOW: Neighborhood recovering after powerful weekend storm

CASS COUNTY, Mich -- Magician Lake had a not so magical weekend after storm damages leaves plenty to clean.

The storms came in over the weekend, just as residents were getting rid of all the damage from storms one week ago.

What residents thought to be a tornado, actually turned out to be a microburst, but leaving plenty of damage.

"We were downstairs actually in our bedroom watching tv when the storm came through and heard some heavy rain. So, I went to one of the front doors and opened the door and that’s when I heard the wind and I shut the door and came upstairs." said local resident Lynsey Schultz.

Many lake residents had boats that were lifted into the trees, trees uprooted and into roofs, and cars smashed by fallen trees.

"Within 30 seconds the wind just had overpowered everything and we knew something really bad had gone on." said local resident Frank Muller.

Muller had the right feeling as a portion of his 176 acres just off of Magician Lake, saw the brunt of the weekend storms.

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