Neighbors in shock after Mishawaka man stabbed to death

NOW: Neighbors in shock after Mishawaka man stabbed to death

MISHAWAKA, Ind---Neighbors are in shock after learning that 46-year-old Ray Adkins was fatally stabbed Wednesday night. The incident took place at around 11:30 p.m. on Iowa Street in Mishawaka.

William McClean has lived in the area for almost a decade. He says it is a normally quiet neighborhood.

“It’s Mishawaka. There’s nothing going on in Mishawaka,” said McClean. “A little bit of thieving every once in a while but I haven’t really seen anything major.

Dana Zarate lives in the building next to where the stabbing took place. She says she never expected to see her street to become a crime scene.

“Cops started coming. I didn’t hear anything,” said Zarate. “I didn’t hear any sounds or violence but I just saw them. At one point they start putting the tape.”

Officials say that no arrests have been made nor charges filed in this case. They did say that this is an ongoing investigation and they will determine whether or not to move forward with charges until the autopsy is conducted Friday morning.

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