Neighbors ask for increased police presence after more violence

NOW: Neighbors ask for increased police presence after more violence


SOUTH BEND, Ind. -- Another shooting in South Bend overnight. South Bend Police say shots were fired on Indiana Avenue just blocks away from Riley High School. 

Neighbors say this is the tipping point. 

"We were asleep, my kids and me, and we hear, maybe six shootings? Very close to my house. We were scared. I got down on the floor very fast and my daughter did the same," says one neighbor 

ABC57 News spent much of the day going up and down the streets trying to speak with neighbors. 

All, but one woman, said they're too scared. They didn't want shots fired at their home. 

It's just a way of life for people living on this stretch of road.

"I asked him, do you hear it? [My son] asked what is that, mom? I said it's like a shooting," the neighbor recalls. 

South Bend Police says around 2 a.m. Wednesday morning, a woman was sitting in the car when she heard gunshots. 

She then felt pain and realized she was hit.

The neighbor tells ABC57 that things are getting very bad.

"I'm scared. My heart beat so hard. I think I need to maybe move away from here," says the neighbor. "This side is very dangerous now."

As police continue to investigate this latest shooting, neighbors agree this violence needs to end soon.

"We need more security and police to continue [patrolling] this neighborhood," adds the neighbor. "It's dangerous. Especially for little kids. Everybody here has kids."

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