Neighbors concerned about changes to their Martin's

NOW: Neighbors concerned about changes to their Martin’s


SOUTH BEND, Ind. - Some neighbors are concerned about changes coming to the Elwood Martin’s Store.

The location will close shortly in the fall then reopen under a different format.

Neighbors like Sara Garcia walk there for groceries daily.

“It’s the only store we have around here that we can go to,” Garcia said.

Garcia lives close to Elwood Street, and doesn’t have the option to drive for food.

“That’s all I do is walk because my daughter works every day. She has a car,” Garcia sid.

Garcia’s neighbor Jim Davis has a car and can drive where ever he wants to get his groceries, but prefers the Elwood location, which he calls “friendly”.

“You can hardly go to this store without mentioning something about the weather or the price of something or another without striking up a conversation,” Davis said.

Martin’s says the store will close in September along the same timeline as the Portage Ave. bridge closure.

The store will reopen again shortly after, will just have basics like meat, produce and dairy.

The hardware store will also reopen.

Martin’s cites the neighborhoods declining population and nearby competitions as reasons the store no longer makes profit.

“It’s a real shame. It really feels like a community place. I think it would be a big mistake for them to close,” Davis said.

Martin’s denied ABC 57’s request for an interview Friday, but they’ll hold a press conference on this topic next week.

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