Neighbors near Lincoln Way West in South Bend say violence must end

NOW: Neighbors near Lincoln Way West in South Bend say violence must end


SOUTH BEND, Ind. - After a man was shot and killed in a stolen car Tuesday night on Lincoln Way West in South Bend, people who live in the area said the violence is getting out of hand. Police said the shooting was the result of a stolen car. People in the nearby neighborhood said they could not believe someone was killed over a car.

"It's scary living here now," Patricia G. Smith said who has lived in that neighborhood for 35 years. "We've had scary times before, but it's getting worse."

Smith said the neighborhood was a nice, peaceful place to live when she first moved there, but drugs and guns have turned it into a "scary" place. So scary, that one neighbor said he wanted to speak anonymously out of concern for he and his family's safety.

"Think before you pull that trigger on that gun because you know you're hurting your family and the other family also," that neighbor said.

That neighbor said the neighborhood is turning violent and unsafe because of outside influences on younger generations.

"We've got some houses around here," the neighbor said. "There's a lot of cars that come and go. My thing of this is something's going on there, especially when you see those out of state plates."

The neighbor said he believed drug deals have been happening throughout the neighborhood and that police must do more thorough investigating to put a stop to it.

Police have taken 27-year-old Revlon Harrell into custody and are holding her on charges of voluntary manslaughter. They said she shot 38-year-old Anthony Craig Logan to stop him from stealing the car. After online comments called for Harrell's release, the anonymous neighbor said he did not agree she should be released.

"If it were me, I can replace a car," the neighbor said. "Living with the thought of killing someone would hurt me way more than replacing a car."

Smith said the police could get to the bottom of it.

"I believe the police will sort it all out," Smith said. "That's their job. Let them do their job and get back to protecting us."

Both Smith and the anonymous neighbor said the violence will not force them from their homes.

"Well, I was here first," Smith said. "All of this is coming after I live here and the transit. So, I can hold out until the police stop them."

"Let these people know that they're not going to run us off," said the anonymous neighbor.

The St. Joseph County Metro Homicide Unit (CMHU) is overseeing this investigation and holding Revlon Harrell on charges of voluntary manslaughter.

CMHU was not available for an interview on this story.

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