Neighbors press code enforcement to handle overgrown grass problem

NOW: Neighbors press code enforcement to handle overgrown grass problem


South Bend neighbors are calling for the city to cut overgrown grass in empty lots.

They say it’s a problem that has gotten out of control.

“If we want to bring our kids to our field an play, they might run over there and there might be all types of animals in there or snakes in there, we’re concerned because we’re a daycare and we’re watching other people’s kids,” said Dezary Burnett, an employee at Margaret’s Daycare.

Margaret’s Daycare on Kayley street shares a field with an abandoned lot.

The daycare’s half of is maintained while the other is unkempt.

Grass and weeds on that side are several feet tall so employees at the daycare would like to see the city do something about it soon.

“I feel like they should tear it down or cut it because one half looks nice and decent and then the other half looks tacky,” said Burnett.

The city’s common council says it did its part to address the problem back in 2015.

Back then, the council passed a tall grass ordinance.

It states no lots can have grass or weeds taller than nine inches.

The fine for a lot violating the code is a $250 dollar for the first offense and more than three complaints within 90 days calls for the owner to receive a code enforcement hearing.

But some are asking where is code enforcement?

“We want our mayor to do his job, we want our council members to do their job, those two do their jobs and obviously the departments will fall behind,” said Henry Davis Jr., LaSalle Alliance President.

A rep from the city tells me the department regularly cites lots in violation of code and explained why some haven’t been cut yet.

“Due to the seasonal weather conditions, the abatement crews are currently running behind schedule. Residents with concerns regarding overgrown lots can call 311 to alert Code Enforcement and find out more information about the process,” a representative from the city said in a statement.

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