Neighbors say metal shredder is ruining their neighborhood

NEW CARLISLE, Ind. – It’s the battle of the shredder.  Neighbors in one New Carlisle neighborhood are up in arms over 360 Metals Recycling Center that just moved in next door. 

They say the shredder is making too much noise.

“I am tired of the freaking noise,” said neighbor Ralph Grove.

This is the noise neighbors on Lynn Street said they have heard constantly since 360 Metals Recycling set up shop.

Neighbors said the pesky metal shredder is keeping them up at night.

“One o’clock in the morning was when they started up last night.  It woke me up at 3 a.m.,” said neighbor Jim Miller.

They are worried about what the noise is doing to their property value.

“If we could get a decent amount of money for our property, most of us would have for sale signs up,” said Ralph Grove.

But not every neighbor is against this new recycling center.  David Allen also lives on Lynn Street.  He said the metal shredder is good for the local economy.

“It has created jobs for the area, in particular one of my neighbors who has been hurting for work for years,” said Allen.

Allen said the noise isn’t that bad.

“It is like a library whisper,” said Allen.

But Ralph Grove disagrees.

“It’s like two locomotives hitting head on,” said Grove.

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