Neighbors tired of parties thrown at local charter school

NOW: Neighbors tired of parties thrown at local charter school

SOUTH BEND, Ind. --- South Bend Police said officers responded to what they called a large crowd fight at a party thrown inside of a local charter school. 

Neighbors said parties thrown at the Xavier School of Excellence is becoming a norm. 

However, a party called "Drip Fest Pt. 2" ended with several police units on scene for a fight that occurred inside of the party. 

Police said there were two off duty officers from Roseland Police Department, working the party, who called SBPD for assistance due to the fight and to help with crowd control. 

Several fights then broke out in the parking lot, according to police. 

SBPD said no arrests were made, as the fights were broken up before officers arrived to the scene. The officers role, according to SBPD, was to move people along. 

ABC 57 News reached out to the Xavier School of Excellence about the party, which provided this statement Monday morning: 

Xavier School of Excellence supports the community by renting out our Multi-Purpose Room (MPR). We have rented out the MPR for many years now. In the past, we have rent it out for graduation open houses, baby showers, etc. Anyone who rents it, must come in and complete a contract. Law enforcement is mandatory, especially if the event includes a large gathering. I was told that the fight that had occurred between the high school students was ceased and under control prior to additional officers arriving on scene. Officers were called for back up to help patrol the outside crowd as students were leaving. I was also informed that the rubbish that was shown on school property was there before the event occurred. Xavier School of Excellence's custodians work diligently to keep the area cleaned, but it can be difficult to keep up with during the weekends.  We have good relationships with the surrounding community and wish to keep it that way. While we are grateful that no one was injured, we do apologize for the inconvenience that the MPR rentals has caused. Our intent to rent the MPR is to provide a safe and enjoyable area for the community. Should there be any future MPR rental events, we will be sure to require additional law enforcement (on top of what we already require) for large gatherings.
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