New Amazon facilities coming to Elkhart County with hundreds of jobs

NOW: New Amazon facilities coming to Elkhart County with hundreds of jobs

ELKHART COUNTY, Ind -- Amazon announces -that they will be placing not one, but two new buildings in Elkhart County in 2023.

The two facilities will be a delivery station and a robotics fulfillment center bringing above average benefits and high paying jobs.

The 2023 opening of the Amazon facilities is said to be a good thing for the County moving forward.

"With diversification, with increasing the number of jobs and labor that we can draw from. Because jobs are la little bit like gold, you can never have enough. And as challenging as some things are in between, but it’s going to be a great opportunity," said Elkhart County Commissioner Suzanne Weirick.

The robotics center will be a two-story building totaling 800,000 square, while the delivery station will sit at 180,000 square feet.

Both offering skilled and non-skilled positions starting at $18 per hour.

"When you have a competitive situation where you’re looking and competing with other great communities for business, this is a good win for Elkhart in that space," said Elkhart Chamber of Commerce Levon Johnson.

With the new over $200 million facilities coming to the county, officials believe the ability to add to the RV industry is a good thing, even though other local businesses aren't in favor.

"Every elected official that’s out there and anybody in economic development has been talking abot for years how do we continue to support and grow our core industries in particular in RV and boating but also with the realization that our economy needs to diversify. And this is one of those things that help diversify our economy," said Johnson.

In addition to the above average pay rate, Amazon will also offer comprehensive benefits on day one. Those benefits include dental, health, and vision insurance. 

Along with that the company will offer a 50% match on employee 401k plans, up to 2o week parental leave, and Amazon's Career Choice program, which includes the company paying full college tuition for ins front-line employees.

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