New app bridges a connection between technology and seniors

New technology and old folks aren't known to have a good connection, but a new app developed by researchers at Notre Dame is bridging that gap.

eSeniorCare is being used by a group of residents at Heritage Place to better manage their health needs.

“I never know when the good Lord is going to take me home, especially at my age,” said app user Clarence Burks.

Burks is one of the 36 local seniors testing out the app.

It has features like medication reminders, brain games, doctor messaging, and a checklist to set and track health goals.

“They wanted to achieve certain things in their life, so I wanted to help them achieve their goals,” said developer Beenish Chaudgry.

Now those seniors are helping the doctorate students achieve their goals in return.

“I think the biggest thing that I have gained is to actually see your research effecting people which is, you know, technology meets society,” said developer Dipanwita Dasgupta.

A society surprised by how useful this technology is.

“In the beginning, I didn’t really care for it but I was like just take the time and do it, well I got hooked like everybody else,” said app user Deborah Evans.       

But, eventually these old fashioned minds embraced a new way to do things.

“People are saying things like ‘yeah, it’s bringing purpose to my life,’ it feels really good,” said Chaudgry.

“It feels marvelous, it feels marvelous. Especially because they don’t even know me. And they want to come in and give me this tablet and do something to help me improve my life, they're heaven sent,” said Burks.

For more information on eSeniorCare, click here.

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