New Buffalo City Council and Planning Commission at odds

The New Buffalo City Council and the Planning Commission are at odds and now the council is suing the commission.

The lawsuit is centered around New Buffalo Pharmacy, a store that has been in the community for many years.

Recently the Planning Commission made a proposal to add in a drive-thru to the pharmacy in an effort to be more convenient to customers.

The drive-thru would replace a stairway that is located at the NW corner in the rear part of the building, according to documents by the Planning Commission.

At the first of December, the permit was approved by the commission; however, by mid-December the council was asking the commission to reconsider the drive-thru plans.

By the end of December, a lawsuit was filed by the City Manager on the basis that what the commission was doing was illegal and violating city codes.

However, the Planning Commission says that have taken every necessary step and filed specific Special Building Permits to be in accordance to codes prior to the lawsuit.

Due to the lawsuit, the commission has scheduled a special open meeting to be held Wednesday at 6:30 p.m. at New Buffalo City Hall to discuss the project.

For more information on the project, click on Special Meeting.

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